Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beginning with an End

This beginning starts with an ending.

Like so many brides-to-be, I was tempted to create a wedding blog. I love the ideas and the beautiful pictures you can find on them.

But then the wedding happens. The bride, no longer a bride, moves on and the blog is abandoned. Or continued, but it's no longer a wedding blog, though it still is titled as such. Or, occassionally, it remains a wedding blog.

I didn't want something I would just abandon. And I didn't want to remain wedding focused (those who know me are laughing now) forever. Also, I felt that my wedding was mine, something too personal to share with the world, at least in its fledgling stages of planning and formation.

Plus, I was too darn busy to have a blog while planning a wedding!


I waited.

And now...the wedding has ended. It was wonderful and amazing and everything a wedding should be. The marriage has begun and it too has been wonderful. Now the time feels right to begin the blog...which will certainly share weddings...but also other projects, crafts, for a Rainy Day.


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